Order of Worship

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The order of worship at our Sunday service is very meaningful and important. It should convey God’s love and grace through music, scripture, testimony, the message and Methodism beliefs and traditions.

A great deal of prayer, time, and effort is dedicated towards the order of the service so as to enhance the worship experience and God’s love and saving grace in a purposeful way.

We will experience slight changes in the service during the next few weeks. It will include the same content and experiences, just arranged a little differently.

One noticeable change will be Altar prayer time. This will occur twice during the service. After the prelude music has begun and about 5 minutes before the choir and clergy enter, the lights will be dimmed and appropriate music will be played as prayer time at the altar will become the focus. This would also be a great time to place prayer concerns or the Prayer Warrior Cards in the baskets on the altar rail. This is special time between yourself and God.

This time will continue until all those at the altar have left to return to their seats.

The second altar prayer time will be during the invitation following the sermon. This is time for those seeking membership, accepting Jesus in their life, special time with clergy and for altar prayer time.

You will notice other aspects of the service being moved around. Please follow your bulletin.

There will also be new music flowing with traditional music. The music will be blended to enhance our favorite hymns with newer contemporary styles that contain the same aspects of praise, worship and glory.

It is a known fact that most people are not warm to change. That idea is not forgotten during  worship preparation.

The hope is that the service is enjoyable, spiritual and meaningful for all.

Worship is our time to praise God, not ourselves.