#SeeAllThePeople Pathway to Discipleship Wed Night Dinner & Bible Study by Rev. Levy.

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#SeeAllThePeople Pathway to Discipleship Wednesday Night Dinner & Bible Study Presented by Rev. Levy.

The #SeeAllThePeople is a series of Bible Studies on making disciples for the transformation of the church and the world.

The problem is not a lack of people or sustenance, the problem is our inability to see and reach them. The harvest is plentiful, and the laborers are still few. – Junius B. Dotson

This free bible study is presented by our Pastor, Rev. Levy in the Fellowship Hall every Wednesday Evening running from September 12th until October 24th.

The Wednesday Night Dinner will be served promptly at 6PM.

That week’s lesson will be presented at 6:45 PM.For more information please check our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/axeumc or call the church office during business hours.