Monday Devotional: April 4, 2022



Scripture: Luke 19:28-40

Today’s reading marks the climax of the travel narrative, Luke’s account of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. Jesus and his disciples have reached the Mount of Olives. It will play a prominent role in the Passion narrative, but now it is the place of preparation for the entry into Jerusalem. Jesus sends two disciples as advance agents to commandeer a colt — not just any colt, but a certain colt, tied in the village, that has never been ridden.

The disciples do as Jesus instructs. As they untie the colt, the owners stop them just as Jesus warned they might. “The Lord needs it,” is the disciples’ only explanation; and with that, the colt’s owners become unlikely heroes in God’s saving action through Jesus Christ.

I cannot imagine being as compliant as the colt’s owners. If I caught two strangers helping themselves to my automobile, the police would have been notified by the time I got the explanation that “the Lord needs it.” I would have missed the chance to participate with God in fulfilling God’s purposes.

How often have I failed to act on an opportunity to cooperate with God’s divine grace? It may come in the form of a need lifted up in church to clean the yard at the parsonage. It may come in form of announcement in the community to bring gently used coats for the needy. It may come in the form of a look or a sign from a person on the street. I can hear “the Lord needs it,” but I drown it out with a cacophony of excuses disguised as busyness, inconvenience, or caution.

The colt’s owners took a chance. Did they get their colt back? We don’t know, but that didn’t seem to matter. It was enough for them to know that the Lord needed it. They obeyed, no questions asked.


Dear God, help us see and hear your needs clearly so that we can seize opportunities to cooperate with your grace to fulfill your purposes in the world.

Jeff Taylor, Upper Room Disciplines 2013