Monday Devotional: February 14, 2022



High Standard of Morality

Scripture: Luke 6:27-38

The gospel reading above gives us yardsticks with which to measure how far or how close we are to the criteria of a good follower of Jesus. They look very difficult, if not impossible, to do especially in the age of social media. Yet we cannot just throw in the towel and continue to live in the dark. We try and we fall but God who understands our weaknesses will pick us up. We try again and in trying to do good every single day, we will come to the point where we realize that goodness is our true nature and that we really do not belong to this world but to Jesus.

Difficult but doable are the precepts enumerated above. By ourselves, we can only do so much. In fact, we can do nothing apart from Jesus (John 15:5). In the same verse however, Jesus assures us that we can bear much fruit if we remain in Him because He is the vine and we are the branches. Likewise, we can derive inspiration from St. Paul when he said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

Because we ourselves know that the principles of behavior as enumerated above are challenging, we can now become understanding of others. When they too fall, we are called to help and lift them up instead of judging them. Just as God is ever ready to forgive our shortcomings, we must also be ready to forgive others.

Reflection: Merciful

Good News: Gifts will be given to you in good measure.

This gospel passage sounds so radical that it turns our whole way of life upside down. It is hard, most people will say. Indeed, these teachings of the Lord are not the usual way people behave. So, how do we begin?

It all boils down to God’s love. If we feel too much to love our enemies, let us turn to God who loved us first. If we feel like judging others, let us remember God’s mercy on all His children, good or bad. Likewise, when we could hardly give away our hard-earned money, let us be reminded how God had been so generous to us.

Jesus demands of us a higher standard of behavior because He knows we are capable of doing it. We only have to continually seek His presence and He will make us a channel of His love and mercy to others. With man it is impossible but with God all is possible. (Matthew 19:26)