Monday Devotional: May 9, 2022



Scripture: John 13:31-35

As a young girl, I love new things. I couldn’t wait to tear off the wrappings and put on whatever new things I received. I love to put on new shoes and go out somewhere, anywhere. When I planted my first narcissus bulb, I got up at night hoping to catch its flowers coming out. When I got my first pair of goldfish, I paid them so much attention and fed them so much that they floated on the surface the next morning.

Though impatience has diminished with age, I still delight in new things. New things catch our attention because they are unsoiled by use and dirt. Newness brings a sense of not being weighted down: a fresh perspective, an excitement of something not tried before, a hope of something better.

The essence of Jesus’ teaching was actually familiar to the disciples. For centuries God had tried repeatedly to convey the message. Jesus’ message of forgiveness and hope, his actions of healing and providing for needs, his embrace of his disciples as friends actually recall an old, old message: God’s faithfulness through the ages.

Yet by leaving what he calls a new commandment, Jesus wraps up his message and presents it to us in a memorable way. He tells us that loving one another as he has loved us will become the distinguishing mark of those who bear his name. Stated this way, it is new and it is easy to remember. This new commandment not only embodies teachings of the past, it is an invitation to look for and create new opportunities for love.


May your love, O God, find new forms and expressions within me. Amen.

Upper Room Disciplines 2010, p. 134