Becoming a Disciple

Persons who follow Jesus are called to grow spiritually through the practice of various Christian habits (or “means of grace”) such as prayer, Bible study, private and corporate worship, acts of service, Christian conferencing, and so on. Jesus taught his disciples practices of spiritual growth and leadership that you, as a disciple, are to share with others as they look to you to be a model and guide.

That means that you always keep your eye on the main reasons for any ministry — to help others grow to a mature faith in God that moves them to action on behalf of others, especially “the least” (see Matthew 25:31-46). This is an aspect of “disciple making,” which is the ultimate goal of all that we do in the church.

Our Church is more than a structure; it is a living organism. The Discipline describes our mission to proclaim the gospel and to welcome people into the body of Christ, to lead people to a commitment to God through Jesus Christ, to nurture them in Christian living by various means of grace, and to send persons into the world as agents of Jesus Christ. Thus through you — and many other Christians — this very relational mission continues.

Christian education is about information, formation, and transformation. It undergirds everything we do and is a firm foundation in the life of faithful discipleship.