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  • Monday Devotional: May 23, 2022
    Scripture: John 17:20-26 Our church has been involved in a movement of anti-racist churches in Lansing, Michigan. As the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning, and following the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, a Black gospel singer in the area reached out to us to help a “Prayerdemic.” The … Read More
  • Monday Devotional: May 16, 2022
    Scripture: John 14:23-29 While John 14 graces us with a blessing of peace, it also holds us accountable. Before Jesus speaks of peace, before he promises the Spirit, he reminds his followers that truly knowing and loving God cannot be separated from actions: “Those who love me will keep my … Read More
  • Monday Devotional: May 9, 2022
    Scripture: John 13:31-35 As a young girl, I love new things. I couldn’t wait to tear off the wrappings and put on whatever new things I received. I love to put on new shoes and go out somewhere, anywhere. When I planted my first narcissus bulb, I got up at … Read More
  • Monday Devotional: May 2, 2022
    Scripture: John 10:22-30 This Gospel reading takes us back to winter, to Hanukkah, the festival of Dedication. Jesus walks around the Temple during a time when his contemporaries are especially mindful not only of the liberation and restoration of the Temple under the Maccabees but also of kings and kingship. … Read More
  • Monday Devotional: April 25, 2022
    Scripture: John 21:1-13 “Can we go fishing” my 13-year-old daughter, Ellen, asks quite often. Her requests are usually last-minute ones, but I try to go whenever possible. I am her ride, the one who buys the bait, and the helper with twisted lines. Typically, I just sit and watch, and … Read More