Meet the Pastor

The Rev. Levy Laguardia and his wife Terry were appointed by the North Texas Council to lead Axe Memorial UMC in January 2018. They are Garland residents and make their home in the South Garland area. Pastor Levy’s email is [email protected]. Take a minute and drop him a line if you have any questions or concerns.

They have two grown children, Mark Laguardia and wife Wendi, and Sherry Laguardia. They both attended Dallas schools. Rev. Laguardia has a BA in Arts from Philippine Christian University, a Bachelor of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary also in the Philippines, and his Masters of Divinity from Perkins School of Theology, SMU. Levy was ordained Deacon in 1979, and Elder in 1981. Our pastor has been in ministry for 37 years. He has served in the Philippines for six years, and in the North Texas Conference for 31 years, with his most recent appointment at Northgate UMC in Irving, beginning in 2014 until December 2017.  

Your SPRC committee was excited to see the match with Levy’s ministry passions, his gifts and graces, and the ministry needs of Axe. Levy and Terry will be very involved with every aspect of our lives together. They both love to sing, and love to be in mission to people who are lost, the least, and the last. Levy has taken several units of Spanish and can carry on a little conversation with church members, but can’t quite keep up with Ramon. Levy takes that as a challenge. 

Our Pastor believes in “grow where you are planted” and that each and every one has special unique gifts, with which we can serve. Levy believes we should all be equipped to serve, from child to youth to adult. 

Levy has also been involved in homeless ministries, food pantries, affordable housing, and various multi-ethnic and multicultural programs. He is excited to join the work in our ongoing mission with Hearts and Hands. Levy also believes that Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting programs are a great outreach, and he was excited to know we sponsor these programs. His son, Mark was one of the first Eagle Scouts in his local church-sponsored troop.

Terry is involved in every aspect of church life with Levy. She sings soprano in the choir and has been involved in numerous craft projects such as jewelry making, knitting, and other crafts. She is full of energy and has a full-time smile.