Adult Classes

Sunday School

Here you’ll find a brief description of our different Sunday School classes.

Spanish Sunday School is at 9:30 am. English Sunday School is at 10:45 am.


A group of couples and singles, several with children of all ages. Members are active in lay leadership; Sunday school teachers, and choir/music programs. Education is self-taught from class members with a focus on Bible study. Members gather socially and share in fellowship and family activities.

George Martin

Those of us 60 and above, known as the George Martin Class, are proud to be named for our first appointed pastor in 1951. We get our mornings off to a cheerful start at 10:45 am with a song session of the class’s suggestion. Our Adult Bible studies are scripture-based, an approved United Methodist curriculum in which we’re all encouraged to participate. We like to share luncheon fellowship in our classroom at least quarterly and we have an active telephone committee to make sure contacts are made with absentees. Come pay us a visit some Sunday morning!


A genuine Methodist Melting Pot originating in the early 1950s consisting of couples, singles, widows, widowers, as well as retirees.

The Pacesetters monthly mission commitments include the Methodist Hospital Golden Cross Fund, Bethlehem Center, Pantry Supplies, and the Pastor’s Emergency Fund.

Currently we are studying from the Adult Bible Series with discussion led by a rotating team of four classmates/teachers.

Frequent fun and fellowship guaranteed!

Visitors welcome. Come visit us!


A welcoming class of active adults energized by service to Christ in community missions and fellowship in the local church. Pathfinders gather together each Sunday morning for fellowship, prayer circle, and lively discussion based on scripture and its practical application for daily life. The class enjoys monthly Sunday morning breakfasts and planned dinner events to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of its members.

Couples and singles are welcome to join us on our path to spread the love of Christ to others.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path.” — Psalms 119:105


We are an energetic and diverse group of singles and couples, college-age and up, with a longing to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in our community and our church. We’re a very welcoming and supportive class who look out for each other between Sundays, and get together for monthly class mission projects, social events, and fellowship. In addition to our class members in the Garland area, we also have a strong desire to keep in touch with our larger Axe community and have members in college and serving in the armed-forces. When you are in town, we welcome you to join us each Sunday at 10:45 am for lively Bible-based discussion and fellowship. If you would like to find out more about what’s going on with the Seekers Class, please join our Facebook group.

We’d love to hear from you!

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” — Matthew 7:7

Two By Two

This class is largely made up of “young-at-heart” seniors plus some younger members, both singles and couples. ALL are welcome! Our members are active in church-wide activities. The mission of the class is to grow in Christ and in fellowship and to reach out through the missions we regularly support and through various missions within the church throughout the year.

Our capable teacher brings, through lectures and class discussion, Bible-based lessons relevant to our lives today. We care about each other and are readily available to help each other in times of need. We enjoy a good time of fellowship when dining out together and at class parties. Through our lessons, helping one another and having fun together, our bond with old and new members is strengthened.

Los Sembradores

Esta es una clase de Biblia creyentes cristianos que buscan aumentar de comprensión de las Escrituras y crecer en su fe en Dios.

La clase utiliza el plan de estudios de la editorial Nueva Vida, La Guía.

El estudio de marzo a agosto es:

Unidad 1: La vida de Samuel
Unidad 2: La Iglesia apostolica: Hechos, primera parte
Unidad 3: Los diversos tipos de Salmos
Unidad 4. Santiago: el cristianismo practico

Cada semana, un miembro de la clase diferente conduce la discusión.

Los visitantes son bienvenidos. Hay un lugar para usted.